What arm is the Canada goose and moncler patch on?

canada goose outlet Bought a package on sale for 300 bucks. It was originally 800 last season, and the new style is pretty identical for this season. It has 700 fill down, which seems to trump most of the other brands in the price range, the fur hood is real coyote fur, and is detachable, but unfortunately, it is sewn in China. The craftsmanship does seem to be remarkable though for Chinese made stuff, even if one of the sleeves seems ever so slightly worn(I also bought it at a discount Saks chain, so god knows what it went through before it got there). You definitely are on the money, the fabric does seem quite fine, and definitely not very scratch resistant. A couple scrapes against a concrete wall and it could easily tear, the Canada goose seems to have a “rougher” exterior that has a unique texture to it, not quite as sleek, and as stated the cuts are much more stylish and urban. But still, this jacket seems like a worthy competitor to the Chilliwack and other CG Bomber jackets, and I paid much much less for it. For a few trips to Chicago during the winter time, it should suffice for a weak skinned Californian such as my self(in the 2015 polar vortex, Chicago dropped into the double-digit negatives for several weeks).

canada goose london I live in NJ and commute to NYC and the winters get pretty damned cold here. I suppose it’s all relative to what you’re used to. Temps can get into the single digits and with wind chills, it could drop to -10 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Last winter, I bought 3 Canada goose coats all around the same time. I started with the Solaris. It was super warm (rated TEI 4) but too short and left my legs cold. I then bought the Shelburne which was only a TEI 3 but hit above my knees. The Shelburne was thinner than the Solaris and didn’t keep me as warm. I only wear it when the temps range from 20-45 degrees. Since I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the level of warmth, I went and bought my 3rd, the Mystique–a TEI 5. It may be overkill for this area and I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet but am looking forward to not being cold. I’m annoyed that I bought so many and they are still not quite right. My perfect coat would be the Shelburne with a TEI 4 warmth. Not sure why most of their knee-length coats are only TEI 3 canada goose coats, goose coats, canada goose jackets, canada goose mens jacket, canada goose bomber, black canada goose , north face, canada goose jacket uk, canada goose sale uk. The Trillium is a 4 but it’s a manly cut and makes the shoulders appear super broad. Even with the above complaints, I am a fan. The fabric appears thick and durable and is really impenetrable against the wind. I will note that the coyote fur quality has also declined on these coats. My Shelburne fur is 6″ wide. It is huge and does a good job of keeping the wind off my face. The fur on my other two CG coats is much smaller and shorter. 3″ as opposed to 6″. And because the fur is short, it serves no functionality. I am thinking of sending those two coats back for warranty repair to replace the furs.

moncler jacket My granddaughter was going to start college–in Michigan. Being Arizona born, I had concerns about her staying warm. I bought her a beautiful, red Canada Goose parka–a gorgeous thing and warm and comfortable too. Worth the money.

womens canada goose jacket You are stupid for posting this comment, -20 is cold for most of the world. Just because you probably stay in it and are used to the cold, doesn’t change it for the rest of the world

-20c is cold? That’s pussy weather, this winter we’ve seen -30c down to -47c with the wind factor… But having tried it, yes the coat kicks ass. Canada Goose is the one and only coat employees wear in the south pole research facilities.

canada goose jacket sale  Moncler and Cg are really it coat to have for when an overcoat just will not do for the NYC people. I own one and I will admit it is total overkill but so is a Mercedes or a yacht but that doesn’t stop people

kids canada goose As a New Yorker, I can empathically disagree with your view on CG from a New York perspective. They are everywhere, to put it simply. All cuts, colors, sizes. It seems everyone has one, as well as myself. I consider myself to have a somewhat elevated fashion taste, and if you pick the right model, they can look great with a casual outfit, especially with the winters we’ve been having the past two years. I for one, this the citadel is the best model, overall. Enough warmth and length for winter, but it breathes nicely, and is not too heavy. Also, its slim-cut, and has pull-cords at the waist to further customize the silhouette of the coat. As far as NYC, black is definitely the color of choice, for men and women.

canada goose london There was a Chinese criminal enterprise that was using the logo, name and all the photos belonging to Canada Goose. I was one of their victims. I realized something was amiss just moments into the purchase and tried to cancel—the payment was run through at least four or five companies and ended up on my VISA. I notified VISA–who gave me some nonsense about approving the purchase—I reminded them this was a fraudulent company. At Canada Goose’s behest, I notified the RCMP who efficiently did what they could. Every time VISA would remove the charge, this Chinese bunch would put it back on my card. Six months later, I sent a certified letter to the CEO of VISA at Chase in NYC threatening them with everything I could think of. I received a call apologizing for all the confusion–however, the charge kept reappearing. I even canceled my card and got a new one–no luck. Finally, this bogus company contacted me to say I had to pay for it and that they had sent it out kids canada goose, canada goose london, canada goose outlet, moncler jacket, womens canada goose jacket, canada goose jacket sale , canada goose jacket uk, canada goose sale uk. I asked them to listen carefully to what I was going to tell them. I then informed them that I could afford to travel to Bejing and that I would and I would track them down and kill all of them(at 80 years old that was unlikely but they didn’t know that) The calls and charges ended. The terrible parka arrived–cheap, tacky, and trimmed with a dead cat. I put it in the goodwill bin. These people have apparently victimized many Americans but they can be dealt with–you just have to get very rough with them—and your credit card company.

kids canada goose I bought my Canada Goose, Trillium, in the fall of 2013. It is a gorgeously warm coat. Shortly after, December 2013, Canada Goose announced a majority stake sale to the US company, Bain Capital.
About 3 weeks ago, around February 1st of this year, 2015, a family member bought a ladies Montebello Parka. When I first saw it I thought it was a counterfeit. The material didn’t look crisp like mine. The material was noticeably different and of lesser quality. By the time I saw it, which was about 2 weeks after her receiving it, it was still wrinkled. Mine has never had a wrinkle, even after sitting for hours in a car. She has dogs. I have dogs. She had dog hair stuck to hers. Dog hair does not stick to mine.
Not believing it was a genuine Canada Goose, I ordered one for my husband and it arrived today. It now sits in a bag and will be returned. It is a Chateau Parka and of the same inferior quality. The lining is cheaper material and there are far less quilted squares to hold in the down as mine has. It is not counterfeit. It has the hologram. It has the detail of the maple leaves, etc on the patch. I can only think that the sale of the majority of Canada Goose back in late 2013 has something to do with the quality of the 2 coats I saw this month. You merely contact them and inform them that the waterproofing has faded, and they either send you a new one or replace with a similar model.
Actually, I think the kids canada goose, canada goose london, canada goose outlet, moncler jacket, womens canada goose jacket, canada goose jacket sale jackets are better quality and prices are comparable. Canada Goose jackets are partly made of cotton. When waterproofing wears out, which it eventually does for all jackets, you’ll be left with the cotton blend, which when wet from rain, snow or sweat, will stay wet for a long time, making you very cold.

canada goose sale uk I work in the outdoor industry in a top end retailer which sells Canada Goose among many other brands. I am also a ski instructor and spend all winter out in a resort and get out ski touring whenever I can. I feel this gives me a good basis for comparing different products and this leads me to say I wish we did not stock Canada Goose. My main problem with this brand is the cost. I am happy to spend more on gear that is well designed and well made. This is definitely not the case with Canada Goose. For every item they make, it is possible to get a better version (Arc’teryx, Rab Mountain Equipment etc) which is better made, lighter weight, just as warm and usually around half the price. The people who these jackets are made for are ones who want the little logo on the item for walking around a city. The other brands I’ve mentioned will do the same thing but better and in my opinion look better as well. My Rab Neutrino Endurance jacket kept me warm standing still at 6500m on a mountain in Argentina down to -30 Celsius without a problem and packs down to the size of a grapefruit. This same jacket is now 10 years old and in perfectly good condition.

canada goose jacket uk Another major gripe I have with this brand is the fact that the name is very misleading. Only 3 or 4 of their products actually use goose down with the majority using up to 700 fill duck down. I am not a fan of The North Face but would rather have one of their down jackets because they are so much cheaper and use goose down in some of their products.

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north face Hello RFD’ers. Due to the popularity of Canada Goose during the fall/winter season, many of you may find yourself wanting to pick up a CG jacket. Finding a legit one may be a difficult task seeing as there are so many fakes out there. Nobody wants to be a fool, yet year after year I read stories of some chump losing their hard earned dollars on a fake jacket. Hopefully, this thread will help make sure that next chump isn’t you.

I hope for this to be the most comprehensive and accurate guide to authentic and counterfeit facts.


1. Identify if a jacket is legit or fake. Users may post below the pictures of the jackets. Forum members with knowledge will help out.

2. Reduce clutter in Fashion: Apparel section

3. Make aware new trends of Authenticity and security, design and detail. Also awareness of trends with fakes.

HOW TO TELL IF REAL black canada goose

1. PRICE Other than store membership discounts, you will rarely see CG go on sale in a store. It sells out every year. Maybe you found someone who bought it and needs to get rid of it.
Just like with real electronics online, a seller would list it for a reasonable price like at 80% of its retail value.

Tip: Watch out for the listing for new on sale for $250 or half price.

2. FUR The number one tell if a Canada Goose coat is real is the fur. In the history of fake CG jackets coming out of China, they have never used COYOTE FUR. It is simply too expensive and difficult to obtain in China. It is not cost effective for a fake product. CG pride themselves on using top of the line quality materials (*details on faux fur below).

Authentic canada goose bomber

canada goose mens jacket Take a look at the entire fur. Does each strand look different? Or is the entire fur uniform and solid in white/cream? If it looks like the pic below chances are it is a fake. Note that there are special edition authentic CG that may use one solid color (**details on special editions below)

Fur too short? Not all animals are the same. Some grow longer fur, some grow shorter. This is not a way to decipher between authentic or not.

3. TAGS Keep yourself up to date with the latest tags. Ask the seller which year the model is, or when it was bought. Ask them if they still have the tags. CG kept the same tag design for years until 2006/7 or so, when they changed the shape. Since then, it has changed a few times, in size, design, color, print etc.
One thing that has NOT changed, are the counterfeit tags.

Real pre-2009 tags black canada goose , north face, canada goose jacket, canada goose uk


canada goose jackets Counterfeit tags use a large Canadian flag logo in red, “MADE IN CANADA” –> This is bs. 100% sure tell its fake. Notice the difference with above legit tags.

4-A. LOGO CG had an interior logo change a few years back, the same year they changed tag design. In fact, the design used to be an outline of a goose, with head and beak pointing in one direction on a black background. This logo is found on the back of the inner lining, and also on the front left-hand bottom pocket. This was changed recently to a circular logo, which is the patch design found on the outside of all CG coats.

goose coats Counterfeiters have long used the old logo design on the inner liner and front pocket. Basically, they have not updated the counterfeit design, yet.
On an authentic interior black logo, there is a website address that says “www.canada-goose.com”. Look carefully at the address. If it says “www.canada.goose” with both words separated by a dot, then it is fake.

canada goose coats Authentic outer badge located on arm. Some coats have the badge on left arm, some on right. Pay attention to detail. Authentic badges are high quality and usually do not have the loose thread unless damaged or used.

Tip: If a seller claims the jacket is brand new, yet with the old logo, it is 100% fake. If he claims it is used, bought years back, then it is possible it is authentic.
*edit* this rule may not apply to discontinued models, which could be left over from previous seasons unsold. Some official store sites may sometimes carry discontinued or unsold items with old logo.

5. ELASTIC CUFFS Older authentic models were made of cuffs and elastic on the bottom of the jacket that matched in color to the jacket’s color. For instance, if the jacket is red, the cuffs were red too. This matching design was changed to pure black elastic in about 2005, maybe even earlier. Again, a lot of fake models will use the older design of uniform color throughout the jacket. Basically, if someone claims the item is brand new, yet has non-black cuffs, it is fake. Period.

canada goose womens Is it possible it is real? Yes, absolutely. If the customer bought it a long time ago, and it is in used condition and tells you this up front, then give him the benefit of the doubt, and move on to the other tells in this guide.

6. Chilliwack, Expedition, other?

There are a lot of fakes being sold on ebay or fake sites such as the ones found on http://www.canada-goose.com/counterfeiting. From my experience, the only few faked models out there are the:

moncler Chilliwack – confirmed
Expedition – confirmed
Trillium – confirmed (First sighted October 2011) – MORE INFO ON PAGE 6. I GIVE SOME FURTHER DETAILS ON FAKE TRILLIUMS.

Notice the orange tinge. Notice the fake tag that has the slightly different graphic. This is the main fake that is being sold right now. Comes with fake HUGE LOGO BAG to pressure you into thinking its real must be legit.

1. Fake tag. Its smaller than the real tags by 25%. Also, the graphic is slightly different from a real tag these days…
2. The fur is fake. They are using fur that is close to the coyote but it is not… check the fur it is like orange tinge if you notice.
3. It is not shown here, but most fakes now come with a “CG Garment Bag” 100% fake.

Snow mantra – possible

I have yet to see other fake models out there.
canada goose coat The reason why is because the other models do not sell as well. However, I am almost certain we will see other models faked very soon.

*Faux fur, or Rabbit fur, or other alternative furs are used in China counterfeits. However, there was an official faux fur edition Canada Goose sold exclusively at ROOTS for a short period back pre-2005. Faux fur is often uniform in colors, such as in the example picture above, pure white or cream color. It is a bit rough, not as smooth as coyote fur.

canada goose mens – There are several special or limited editions of CG coats, such as the Arctic Fox Edition that featured a pure white, uniform color fur from Arctic Fox. The fur is soft and smooth, and only a limited production making it an expensive jacket that won’t be sold for less than MSRP even if used. Other special editions include Concepts with Wolverine fur and OVO with black fur.
At Boston University, the duck may be the new goose.

Canada Goose, a brand of extreme weather outerwear, has rapidly gained popularity within the past year, despite the brand’s high prices. The most commonly seen Canada Goose parkas range from around $600 to $1,200. With a price tag that high, in Cody Lewis’s eyes, owning a Canada Goose jacket is just as much a statement of privilege as it is a way to keep warm.

canada goose parka Now Lewis, a junior in the College of Fine Arts, has created a way to attain the coveted Canada Goose look for much, much less.

“[Canada Goose parkas] are the fancy, rich jackets that nobody can get,” Lewis said. “Every time I noticed one, I’d be like, ‘Oh, you got a lot of money.’”

canada goose sale While the original intent of owning a Canada Goose parka may have been to simply survive the winter in style and warmth, Lewis said, the mark these jackets are leaving is quickly evolving into a statement about wealth. He recalled the first time he noticed the trademarked parkas, with their “Canada Goose Arctic Program” patches, while walking to class.

“The patch is on the left shoulder, and I [was] on the right side of the street … and all I [saw were] bright red, white and blue patches,” Lewis said.

This made Lewis want not a Canada Goose jacket, but his own patch to put on his regular jacket as a joke. However, he couldn’t find any patches, so Lewis decided to make his own, coined America Duck.

canada goose uk The patches, intended to parody and combat brand exclusivity, were supported through a Kickstarter campaign Lewis started in mid-January. With patches costing a backer $8 a piece, America Duck had to almost exactly imitate the Canada Goose logo, but be different enough to avoid copyright infringement. The colors, patch size, and embroidery are all the same between both brands. The name and image differ.

canada goose jacket As of Tuesday, Lewis estimated that he is sending out approximately 40 to 50 patches, both sew-on and iron-on, to 43 backers. Lyndsey King, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, hasn’t bought in, but still thinks the jackets in question are both too expensive and unnecessary.

“Most people make it through the winter in a coat that’s a fraction of the cost just fine,” King said. “I would suspect the trend speaks more to the look of the $800-arm patch than actual warmth canada goose jacket, canada goose uk, canada goose sale.”

King said what makes the campaign so funny is Canada Goose’s popularity, despite its inflated price.

“It calls attention to something that seems honestly pretty crazy in a humorous way,” King said.

However, Lewis said his intention was not to create a business selling patches. The goal was to make something he wanted for himself and possibly share a few along the way.

“Through Kickstarter, nobody is buying [the patches],” Lewis said. “They’re giving money to fund me… People are pledging [money] to me, and I’m giving the patches. I don’t want to start selling them.”

With the end of the campaign approaching on Thursday at 5 p.m., Lewis said he has a more important mission in mind canada goose parka, canada goose mens, canada goose coat, moncler.

Suggested by a Kickstarter backer, any pledge of $40 or more will now donate a winter coat and a patch to a Boston homeless shelter. Supporters can pledge money directly toward jackets, and any remaining money from a pledge will automatically go toward the cause.

This portion of the campaign, Lewis said, provides a way to give brand exclusivity to everybody, not just the wealthy.

“I’m providing the one thing that makes you so powerful to everybody,” Lewis said. “Putting the patches on the jackets canada goose womens, canada goose coats, goose coats, canada goose jackets, canada goose mens jacket, canada goose bomber is the ultimate statement of giving this brand to everybody.”